Partnership and opportunities

ML’s stated strategy of becoming a European pharmaceutical company focused on serious disease states allows us to be active in out-licensing our treatment portfolio.If you are interested in pursuing any of these licensing opportunities please E-mail our Director of Marketing, using the website contact address, to set up a direct dialogue.

The drug delivery technologies and therapies currently available for commercial collaboration with partner companies include:-

  • Available for all territories except Europe (salbutamol and beclomethasone licensed to Celltech and formoterol and budesonide licensed to another company)
  • ML is actively pursuing commercial partnerships for generic asthma drugs and with new chemical entities
  • Available for all territories and compounds
  • Available for all territories and compounds
Intraperitoneal drug delivery technology
  • Available for global or territorial licensing



Morphine 6-glucuronide
  • Available for licensing outside North America
  • This compound is in early development but we would welcome approaches from interested parties for co-development
Cholecystokinin (CCK) antagonists
  • Available for licensing outside Europe
  • This compound is ready to progress to Phase III trials and we would welcome approaches from interested parties for co-development

ML has a strong history of developing compounds for their originators whilst allowing the inventor to retain close involvement in the development process.

We are keen to learn of new and exciting programmes in the pharmaceutical and respiratory device field and would welcome provision of non-confidential information prior to a more complete evaluation.

Product development strategy

ML’s approach
& research
Product candidates sourced from

- In-house research projects
- Funded research projects at Centres of Excellence including Universities and Teaching Hospitals
- Licensing or development agreements with third parties
- Joint ventures with innovators
Products selected for development which can be rapidly progressed into human clinical studies and which have a greater probability of obtaining regulatory approval as well as market potential so as to result in acceptable risk profiles
Designed in-house and contracted out to specialist organisations
Product development programmes designed and project managed in-house by experienced teams of clinical trials specialists and contracted out to Centres of Excellence
Product licence applications compiled in-house by a team of highly experienced regulatory affairs personnel

- Ultimately in-house for products not requiring large sales and marketing infrastructures
- Licensee appointment for other products
USA, Japan and Rest of World
- Licensee appointment
In-house manufacture or supply chain management where appropriate

Products : inhaler, Icodial, HIV virus

Products in the current portfolio are Icodial® (icodextrin), a peritoneal dialysis solution for patients with renal failure, and a novel multi-dose dry powder inhaler, the Clickhaler®, suitable for a wide range of medicines to be delivered to the lung. Baxter Healthcare has been granted an exclusive worldwide licence for Icodial in peritoneal dialysis. The European distribution rights for the Clickhaler containing salbutamol or beclomethasone have been licensed to Celltech Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Icodial® (icodextrin)

A number of other products are under development.

Icodial appears to be a valuable medium for delivering chemotherapeutic drugs in the intraperitoneal treatment of ovarian and, possibly, colorectal cancer.

ML’s own antiviral agent, D2S, is in phase II/III trials as a topically applied gel for the prevention of transfer of the HIV virus.

ML has acquired the rights, in all territories other than North America, to M6G a uniquely synthesised metabolite of morphine. Also for the treatment of pain ML has entered into a collaborative agreement to develop for Europe and North America two CCK antagonists as adjuncts to opioid analgesia in cancer patients.

Welcome to the ML Website

ML is a pharmaceutical product development company with a track record of successful clinical development, regulatory approval and licensing of pharmaceutical products targeted at specialist markets.

ML has taken compounds through all development stages and has achieved regulatory approval in Europe for five products to date with many more in the pipeline. In addition, ML has conducted clinical trials under IND in both the US and Canada, including some that have been pivotal to US registration.

ML’s product development activities are supported by growing income streams from marketed products and technologies it has successfully developed and out-licensed to other pharmaceutical companies, including Baxter, Shire, Celltech, Otsuka and Pliva.

New therapeutic products in clinical development include respiratory and cancer treatments, a pain management compound, a preventative of sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and a phosphate binder to assist the management of kidney failure.

ML’s portfolio of early stage development projects includes unique polymer/drug molecules to provide safer and more potent cancer chemotherapy, and technologies for use in the discovery and manufacture of biotechnology products.

In addition ML provides inhaled drug delivery solutions to the global pharmaceutical industry through its dedicated respiratory subsidiary, Innovata Biomed (IB). IB is a leading independent provider of proven drug delivery technologies that are available for proof-of-principle testing and as “fast to market” drug delivery solutions.